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Episode 317 – The Billionaire Code

Episode 317 - The Billionaire Code

Episode 317 – The Billionaire Code

Yesterday, we talked about Alex Charfen. Go check out that episode then come back if you haven’t yet. We’re picking things up where we left off. 

Today we’re going to talk about my 5 Stages of Business Growth & something similar that Aled Charfen has come up with.

There is a very clear path to building an automated business here are the steps:
Stage 1 – The Person in the Field
Stage 2 – The Person in the Office
Stage 3 – The Person Doing Sales
Stage 4 – The General Manager
Stage 5 – The Business Owner

To hear more about this as I go more in-depth on what each stage is, listen to this 20-minute episode!

Alex Charfen even has something similar, called The Billionaire Code with 9 levels
Level 1 The Seeker: $0 – $40k in revenue.
Level 2 The Starter: $40k – $100k in revenue. 6 million businesses in the US are here.
Level 3 – The Promoter: $100k – $300k. This is where I see most people get stuck. 1.7 million businesses in the US are here!
Level 4 – The Builder – $300k – $1 million. 1.9 million business in the US are here.
Level 5 –
 The Operator – $1 million – $3 million. 
Level 6 –
The Leader – $3 million – $10 million. 300k business in the US are here.
Level 7 – 
The Owner – $10million – $30 million.
Level 8 –
The Investor – $100 million.
Level 9 –
The Entrepreneur -$100 million.


Are you interested in hearing the in-depth details of each stage and what you need to focus on to get to the next level? Well, you’ll just have to check out this 20-minute podcast! 

You must define who your right customer is.
You can’t be all the things to all the people.

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