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Episode 286 – The Crazy Journey Of Aaron Stokes And His $8,000,000 Auto Repair Business

Episode 286 - The Crazy Journey Of Aaron Stokes And His $8,000,000 Auto Repair Business

Episode 286 – The Crazy Journey Of Aaron Stokes And His $8,000,000 Auto Repair Business

I have another amazing interview for you today!

Aaron runs an auto repair business.

The business does around $8 million per year.

He also coaches other small auto repair businesses and makes a couple more million doing this.

Pain and suffering have humbled Aaron, just like they have you. He fought the good fight, progressed and grew.

The impact he is having right now is ENORMOUS. 

Do you have that fire like Aaron? Well, you can do what he’s done! All it takes is fire and the right mindset.

He watched his parents get divorced and watched as he drove down the road. His grandfather moved in and sort of became his dad and taught him everything he knows today.

Aaron is living in his 43 house, went to 11 schools, lived in 9 different states and only has an 8th-grade education. He started working full time at 15 years old to help with the family bills.

Even with all of these trials and tribulations, Aaron came out ahead and now runs a couple business making millions per year.

There are no broken businesses. Your business is designed to get the exact results you are getting. Work from the results you want and go forward.

Are you interested to hear more about Aaron’s journey? Listen in! 

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