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Episode 344: The Reason You Are Stuck Is SIMPLE

The Reason You Are Stuck Is SIMPLE

Episode 344: The Reason You Are Stuck Is SIMPLE

I want to ask you a question…

Stop what you are doing and focus. What is the biggest, most frustrating, annoying pain point you have right now in your businesses?

Sit there and think about it for a while. Where are you stuck?

Is is employees? Is it money? It is your closing rate? Wrong types of customers? Reviews? Followup? Or something else?

What if I swapped someone like Tommy Mello with you…Would he be able to solve the problem?

What is I became you? Would I figure it out?

If you answered yes, then you are no longer allowed to be a victim or make excuses anymore.

I’m not Yoda, Tommy Mello isn’t Yoda. there’s no magical, secret information that we know that you don’t. We would just find the answer. We would get the answer from someone else if we had too, but we would find the answer no matter what.

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