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Episode 330: Marketing Legend Making Millions Online – Inner Circle Chat – Dave Lindenbaum

Episode 330: Marketing Legend Making Millions Online - Inner Circle Chat - Dave Lindenbaum

Episode 330:  Marketing Legend Making Millions Online – Inner Circle Chat – Dave Lindenbaum

 Turn everything off and pay attention!

Before we begin, let me just start by saying that Dave is such a nice guy. I an interviewing him and when we first got on this call he went deep into ideas about Send Jim, and I took over a page of notes!

If you clean carpets or wash windows, that’s not actually what you are doing. You are providing value to the household. It creates a calmer environment in the house. You are in the saving marriage business or making someone feel amazing business!

Growing up, Dave was the typical student. He got good grades, played sports and was in student council. Majored in financing and computer systems and got a job working for JP Morgan at Wallstreet in Manhattan. His first day of work was THE 9/11 and he was would commute through The World Trade Center to get to Wallstreet from the subway.

He was listening to his walkman and was on the escalator and people were running, passing him. He was at the end and saw a bunch of police officers at the top screaming to get the heck out of there. Dave ran outside and saw papers everywhere.

Dave actually saw the plan embedded inside the building…

“It was courageous and selfless. I’ve never seen people be so organized.” – Dave Lindenbaum

He stuck with it for 2 years during the training program, but then everything changed.

Dave viewed his life 5, 10, 20 years from then and it made him uncomfortable and sad. He told his boss he was thinking about leaving…his boss said, “You should leave right now. If you don’t leave now, you’ll end up like me.”

Do you want to hear more about his journey and see where he ended up and what he’s doing online now? Join us for a 48-minute chat!

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