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The Momentum Of A Whirlpool and Business

On this episode of Quick Talk Raw, I uncover the Whirlpool Analogy, an epiphany I had recently that illustrates the parallels between harnessing the power of water and building a small business. Prepare to have your mind blown!

Standing on my balcony at home in Costa Rica, I noticed a divot in the concrete caused by a tiny, consistent drip from the air conditioning unit. It occurred to me that water, though perceived to be peaceful and innocuous, is a force to be reckoned with … when set in motion.

This idea led me to the Whirlpool Analogy. Many small business owners spend their days working hard, and yes, hard work is essential. Problem is, if you’re flailing in the center of the pool, all that painstaking work isn’t moving you forward! However, if you move to the edge of the pool and plow through clockwise, eventually the momentum will allow you to stop running and float. I’ll tell you how a small business owner can use this notion to build a team that generates a whirlpool – until eventually she can sit on a floaty and enjoy the ride…

I will also take you through the five stages of small business ownership:

  • “On the ladder”
  • In the office
  • Sales
  • GM
  • Bona fide business owner

Once you reach stage five, you can “get out of the pool” and watch your business thrive!


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