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Episode 333: Your Community + Clarity = Your Ability to Conquer

Episode 333: Your Community + Clarity = Your Ability to Conquer

Episode 333:  Your Community + Clarity = Your Ability to Conquer

I’ve been MIA at the Automate Grow Sell Xperience at my house in Ludington, MI! 

Today, I’m joined by Curt Kempton, owner of Responsibid! (It’s great, use it!)

Anyways, today we’re going to chat about this event and let you know what it entails!

Every year, we bring in 60 business owners & their partners in 2 different sessions for mastermind groups and custom one-on-one coaching with industry experts, fun, games & so much more! It’s such a great event, and EVERY single person who left session 1, LOVED it.

Lots of events like this are boring, but this isn’t like that. We like to have fun & bring fun into everything that we do.

It’s not about who’s pressure washer is the biggest, who’s more arrogant, doesn’t have time to talk to you, etc.

My wife and I did youth ministry with teenagers and took them to camps. There is an art and science to breaking down walls, getting strangers to be vulnerable as quick as possible. We do outrageous things to make this happen.

At the end of the day, to get real transformation is to get people…

To be HONEST. 

“All these events that are fun and silly, but then there are super serious moments. I didn’t get the feeling that anybody else was trying to impress anyone else. One of the guys in my group, the first words out of his mouth were shaking, he was already in tears with his group. The question he answered was, what do you want to solve in your business. He said…’I think my wife thinks I’m a failure…’ Then the next guy said the same thing…” – Curt Kempton

This event is seriously life-changing.
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