Episode 353: Interview With Krista Mashore – Top 1% Real Estate Agent In The Nation

 Episode 353: Interview With Krista Mashore – Top 1% Real Estate Agent In The Nation

Single Mom To Real Estate Rockstar  

“No matter what, you have to keep going”, Krista said when describing the tough years she faced early on in her career

After dealing with a divorce and financial overwhelm she started her Real Estate career

She went on to sell over 100 homes per year in California 16 out of her 17 years in business

On this episode I ask Krista what makes her different than others to achieve such big results and she shares her insights

People that get up earlier, go to bed later and have pig-headed persistence will win in business and life


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“10 out of 10 people die…  So how about doing something today that actually matters while you still can” – Joshua Latimer



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  1. Terry Hamilton on January 15, 2019 at 10:42 PM

    Thank you Krista & Josh!!! this podcast had some serious GOLD NUGGETS!!!

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