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Episode 166: LIVE Coaching Call With A Cleaning Franchise Owner

Episode 166: LIVE Coaching Call With a Cleaning Franchise Owner

Episode 166: LIVE Coaching Call With A Cleaning Franchise Owner

Spending money is a luxury that comes with scale.

You can’t buy your way out of problems.

As a business owner, this is like boot camp. You need to invest your time and sweat into systems in the beginning. Once you start scaling up, spending money on automation, software and tools are amazing. You already have a foundation at that point, so it makes sense.

Today, I talk with a franchise owner, who will remain unnamed. I got his permission to share this call!

His why is to be great. He wants to be great and take care of his family.

“I want to build something that can run on its own.
The process is the reward.” – Anonymous Franchise Owner

“Greatness to me means, that the people who work for me, not only are they capable and fulfilled in what they do, but they are taking ownership of it. That’s a symbol of greatness and a good thing for me.” – Anonymous Franchise Owner

My biggest thing is that I can take time off from my family, 3 vacations a year! During this call with the franchise owner, we take a look at the 3 things he wants this year and go deeper into his why and how he’s going to get there.  

Here’s an awesome sidenote: I have a new phone number where you can just call and leave a voicemail, 810.201.4555. You can leave a 3-minute message, a business struggle or give me ideas. I Will play some of these on the podcast!

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Join me today for this awesome podcast and hear all about this business owners why and business.

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