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Small Tweaking, Huge Results

Michael Goeller and Matt Adwell are co-owners of Tweak consulting based on the east coast of the good old USA.  They help small business people build better businesses by making small adjustments and building simple systems into their companies. Mike has a comprehensive understanding of human psychology and sales while Matt is a critical thinker and problem solver. In today's show we discuss the concepts of "Profit First" and how to scale your business and break free from being a solo-preneur. One of the ways to accomplish this, as discussed in the podcast, is to constantly be looking at what you're doing and analyzing your actions based on the value they bring (or don't bring). There has to be a purpose in every facet of interaction, don't just do things to do them! There is a certain amount of perceived value that goes into running a business. Even if you're the only employee of you business it's important to adopt a CEO's mentality. It is the CEO's job to create that amount of perceived value and put it to good use! Mike points out that you do not need to have an overly complex internal structure to have a vibrant business.

To connect with Michael and Matt, visit their site at tweakconsulting.com.

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