Episode 315 – There Is Nowhere to Get and You Have Already WON! (I’ll PROVE It)

Episode 315 - There Is Nowhere to Get and You Have Already WON! (I'll PROVE It)

Episode 315 – There Is Nowhere to Get and You Have Already WON! (I’ll PROVE It)

I’m in Boise, ID attending an even with Alex Charfen! Today, I’m going to share some thoughts after day 1!

I think you are going to like this, it’s going to encourage you and I’d love some feedback on your thoughts!

There is nowhere to get, you have already won!

For a while, we moved to Costa Rica and lived there. Things are SOOOO massively different. We are in an accomplishment and driven culture, living here was hard for me. It was hard to be okay with the things that they would do.

Some of the people would go to the grocery store and buy 3 eggs for breakfast, then go back and buy more groceries for dinner.
The roads were skinny, people would stop in the middle of the road with 37 cards behind them and take their groceries inside.
But, they were content and happy.

There’s a study all about how money doesn’t
buy happiness after exceeding $75k per year.
Click here for the article 

Just be content with how things are and stop stressing out. Your happiness shouldn’t correlate with how your business is doing. Listen in on my thoughts on the subject for a short, sweet, 13-minute episode. 

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