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Episode 196: Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Episode 196: Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Episode 196:  Should You Hire A Virtual Assistant?

Don’t get hung up on perfectionism.

Today we hear from a caller who has a question about answering the phone and hiring someone to do it for them. Is there a way to do this? Or having someone answer the phones for me while I’m at my day job? I need the space and help with this so I can get a little bit more room to make the switch from my full-time day job to my service business!

Think about it like this. Does making this decision get you closer or further away from your why, your mountaintop? Even if it’s not perfect, even if it’s messy. Sometimes you just have to do it.

Improving is better than nothing. Move from chaos to less chaos and that’s progress!

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