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Episode 298 – You Have Already Won & There Is Nowhere To Get

Episode 298 - You Have Already Won & There Is Nowhere To Get

Episode 298 – You Have Already Won & There Is Nowhere To Get

 Josh, there is nowhere to get. – Tony Grebmeier

This ties in with how we compare ourselves to others.

If you have a passion or fire in your belly to do something, you should do it. Stop worrying about how hard it is to get there. Ask yourself, if it’s worth it. If the answer is yes, do what you need to do to get there.

Stop stalling and get doing!

We are more driven to achieve things than ever before. Think about 1789, a husband and wife got a homestead and a wagon with a horse…They had to do EVERYTHING. If they didn’t do certain things before winter, they’d pretty much die. People were TOUGH and had a lot of grit back then.

I want this mindset back, and I want this mindset for my kids. 

I don’t expect perfection from my kids. I’m cheering them on for trying things.

Interested in hearing more about my kids and my sons solo dance party! Check out this podcast! 

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